Bright Smiles Dentistry

A smile can be the most eye-catching feature of a face. With dentistry’s many advances, you no longer have to settle for stained, chipped, or misshaped teeth. We can discuss with you the most suitable cosmetic option for you. Some options are tooth whitening, bonding, veneers, enamel shaping, orthodontic treatment and replacing metal fillings with porcelain tooth-colored restoration.

Veneers are thin porcelain, tooth-colored material that is custom made for you and will cover the front side of your teeth. Crowns, however, cover the entire tooth to replace lost tooth structure. It can be of porcelain, metal or combination of those materials. Enamel shaping are minor filing of the enamel to reshape the tooth. It can be combined with bonding to make the tooth look different and more esthetic looking. Many times a tooth whitening procedure prior to veneer or bonding will enhance the color of the tooth and will improve the smile. We will discuss all these options with you and decide what is more suitable for you.

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