Pregnancy and gingivitis

What is pregnancy gingivitis?
As many as 60 to 70 percent of pregnant women will experience a condition called pregnancy gingivitis. Gingivitis in itself is an inflammation of the gingival tissue (the gum tissue) that is caused by plaque accumulation around the gum. Pregnancy gingivitis is when gingivitis occurs during pregnancy.
Pregnancy causes hormonal changes. The increased level of progesterone in pregnancy will cause an increased blood flow to the gum tissue which makes the gum red and swollen. The hormonal changes can make it easier for certain bacteria to grow around the gum and will make the tissue sensitive.
It is important to maintain a good oral hygiene to prevent pregnancy gingivitis. The daily
brushing and flossing and the regular dental office check ups are therefore very important for pregnant women.
An antibacterial toothpaste and mouth rinse, a 2 minute effective brushing twice a day and
healthy diet are additional tips for prevention of pregnancy gingivitis.
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admin September 19, 2019